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A handmade's tale - Spring 2019

Spring fever is here! Here at Bower Bird Designs I have been busy learning a new skill which I am so excited to share with you. About 12 months ago I accompanied a friend to  ClayMake Studio – an open-access community-based ceramics studio in Bayswater. ClayMake Studio is all about inspiring creativity and craftsmanship and its doors . are open to everyone with an interest in clay and ceramics - and as it turns out that’s me! From the moment I set my hands on clay I was hooked and have spent every spare moment experimenting and honing my skills. The techniques you will see on my website are a mix of hand building and slip casting which offers a...

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A handmades tale - Summer 2018

Can someone out there tell us where that year went? Its hard to believe that we are halfway through this glorious summer! Perth has had a lovely mild season so far and here at Bower Bird Designs we have been busy growing our beautiful plants and improving our handmade products. One thing us earth people are not good at is marketing, so this year our resolution is to try and connect with as many of our  fellow foliage lovers as possible.  We are going to post the blog regularly each quarter and we will be posting a tip of the week on our Facebook page each Wednesday. You will also see a lot more of our garden which is a...

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A handmades tale

Welcome to Bower Bird Designs very first newsletter – A Handmades tale. It has taken a while to get to this point but this quarter we have been busy with fresh designs, new plants and finally a website and online store. Check us out at Here you can find all our original products as well as new designs, news and special offers. Next quarter we will have videos on the best way to water your pot plants and how to care for your air plants- provided my very talented 10-year-old assistant will help me with the technical stuff. Don’t forget to come and vist us at our next event which is Perth Upmarket at UWA on Sunday 26 March....

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