I have always made things, grown things and had a love for creating. I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts and previously exhibited my work in galleries in Perth. Bower Bird Designs was started in 2014 to give me an outlet for my growing plant collection and hand pressed concrete pots that I made for sale at local markets in Perth. Not long after I rediscovered clay as a medium - I was immediately drawn to the tactile, versatile qualities of clay and the myriad of ideas I had for using it. On my website you will see the results of my passion for fun, quirky pieces that are still centred on my love of plants.  All of my ceramic pieces are handcrafted in my small studio in North Perth and are individually slip cast or hand built. The handmade process ensures each piece is unique and comes with its own individual characteristics. I also have a range of terrariums and air plant displays, many of which are decorated with my handmade ceramic embellishments.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.